Early involvement in a project by the general contractor is one key to successful construction, because proper planning and scheduling prior to the start of construction provide the foundation on which every subsequent step is based. The pre-construction process at Queens Land Builder Inc consists of a preliminary system layout, which provides the specifics of the project building structure and occupancy. Our estimating team identifies the project scope by studying architectural drawings, specifications, and material requirements.

The main goal of pre-construction is to eliminate surprises after breaking ground and to build as cost effectively as possible.



  • Project scope
  • Execution plan
  • Risk analysis
  • Constructability review
  • Cash curve
  • Integrated Project Schedule
  • Engineering
  • Evaluations as specified by client
  • Basis of design
  • Procurement plan
  • Equipment list
  • General arrangements
  • Site plan and site evaluation
  • Evaluation of decisions to be made such as expansion/upfit versus new facility
  • Analysis of the manufacturing process and product
  • Suggestions such as manufacturing raw materials versus buying from supplier
  • Utility Diagrams


This happens best through close communication and collaboration among business partners, as accountability is established, and quality control begins.

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